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Rev. Jacky Bone 

My church background is a bit mixed! I grew up as a Methodist, went to an Elim church, whilst at university, then joined Surbiton Community Church, a charismatic church that was part of the Pioneer network of churches, where i stayed for 25 years before  God called me to lead a Baptist church!

Originally I trained and worked as a primary school teacher but then in  2001 I had the opportunity to study for a BA in Theology at the London School of Theology. Later I  completed an MA in Chapalincy Studies and Pastoral Theoleogy at St Marys Universtiy College. 

From 2006 to 2019 I primarily worked in London YMCA St Paul's group  where, as the lead Chaplain, I led a team that  supported homeless people  living in YMCA hostels, as well as people attendng our community cafes and gyms.  Alongside this, I was  the minister of Surbiton New Life Baptist Church and had the opportunity to plant a congregtion for the homeless. In 2017 I sensed God moving me on to something new and at the same time wanted to move nearer my family in Oxfordshire. I felt a strong calling to Witney and found my gifts and experience fitted the profile for a minister at Witney.

With my friend of many years Heather, we moved  to Witney in June 2019 and we look forward to the exciting plans God has for us at  Witney New Life

Diane Le Masurier, Secretary

I started going to church in 1984 with my Mum after she was diagnosed with cancer. It was here that I came to faith and was baptised on Easter Sunday 1989. I have been serving God ever since. Growing up in Devon, I was privileged to attend some very large Baptist churches with excellent teaching and where my faith was anchored.

Life wasn’t always easy and after being left with three children I faced many challenges. During this time I always knew that God was by my side.

In 2007 I met my late husband Robert and had eight wonderful years with him. In 2013 we moved to Witney following the birth of our first grandchild. We visited many local churches and found the newly formed Witney Baptist Church where we felt immediately at home.We both became founder members and trustees.

Following Roberts death in 2015 I have found comfort in belonging to a small, friendly and loving church.
I have three lovely daughters who are a constant support to me and three gorgeous grandchildren whom I love to spend time with.

I am currently church secretary and trustee for our newly launched Witney New Life Church. I believe doing church differently is the way forward. I am excited to see what God will do through us in Witney New Life Church.

Alan Band -  Treasurer and Safeguarding Trustee

Alan’s Testimony – 15thAugust 2019

In December 2019 I will have been a Christian for nearly 4 years.

So whats changed since 2015.

The big thing for me is I no longer doubt Gods existence.  It seems incredible to me now that I ever did.  I’ve continued to read books and pamphlets targetting unbelievers and doubters, but this is more to equip myself with facts I can use when witnessing.  For example the prophecies, especially the ones concerning Jesus, are amazing declarations of God’s plan AND they are all proven to be absolutely true.

Next year will be Year 5 of my journey with God.  Y5 also equates to a 9 year old in Primary School, and that’s exactly how I feel in terms of self adjustment(s), some of which seem to take forever.  I think I’ve reached the high bar on some particular issue and then something happens to send me to the bottom again.  God though is eternally gracious and loves us, so he’s happy to let me have another go.

Two things in particular have helped me cope with the ups and downs of Church life.  Firstly was personal responsibility.  Very early in my Christian life I was asked to be Treasurer for 2 Christian organisations. I effectively became ‘locked in’ to them and this helped me, not only to cope generally but also to give me a feeling of belonging and worth, very important for someone in Year1.  The other invaluable help has been from fellow Christians who have been very encouraging and supportive on my ‘journey’

The bottom line for Christian discipleship is to tell others about Jesus.  I’m still searching personally for the best way I can witness.  We are not all Billy Graham’s, Rees Howells’ or Mother Theresa’s. We can only do our best with the gifts we have.  God will love and bless us equally. The important thing to remember is we have to be led by the Holy Spirit.  This means praying beforehand, and during, our witnessing and not forgetting to thank Him for his blessings afterwards.  I’m much more conscious now of the spiritual battle around us. The priority for Satan is to keep us, and others, from knowing and loving Jesus.  Christians though are well equipped to deal with spiritual issues as long as they observe Ephesians Chapter 6 v11 – The Armour of God.

Have I ever been tempted to pack it all in, to ‘go with the flow’ in a quiet secular life.

My answer is No.  I absolutely believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. Its inconceivable to me that anyone, given the supporting facts now available, can believe otherwise.  Christians are doubly blessed because as well as the ‘evidence’ they also experience the spiritual closeness of the Trinity – through prayer and reading God’s word. 

Jude v21 says “Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life”

Steve Page Trustee,  Worship Leader 

The story of my journey of faith, started at the age of 6, when a travelling evangelist in a big tent near Weston-super-Mare, challenged young and old to accept forgiveness for sins through Jesus Christ and to open our hearts and invite Him in.  He showed a picture of a valley between earth and heaven, which represents the wrong things we have done in our lives.  Then explained how Jesus’ death and sacrifice on the cross, makes a bridge between earth and heaven, enabling us to be certain of eternal life in heaven, if we accept his gift of eternal life.   Despite being very young, I remember this commitment changing my life and my parents reflect how my behaviour was different.  

In teenage years studying evolution and reflecting on Creation, I remember praying for God to reveal himself to me.  One night in a meeting at a Pentecostal service somebody had a message from God for me, that God had heard my prayers and was going to fill me with his Holy Spirit.  He met me in a supernatural way which again changed my life and gave me a certain belief in a God who hears and answers prayers.

Now in my 50s with three lovely children and two step children I can look back and declare that God is faithful and cares for each one of us.  Despite having been through a divorce and losing my second wife to Lymphoma two years ago, he has never left me and I believe holds my future in his hands.

The psalmist writes “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight”. 

Through every storm and every dark moment, his word promises that he will not leave us.  It takes a step of faith to call out to him, but his word promises that he will answer, not necessarily how we expect.

As a worship leader, it is my joy to lead Witney New Life Church in sung worship at our Sunday Gatherings.   To do this is a joy and an overflow of the song of praise which he has put in my heart.  I lead from the keyboard and sometimes we use videos, particularly for children’s action songs.

We are a small but friendly new church.   As a founder member and Trustee, I feel called to be part of this exciting new church and to use my gifts of worship leading and alternative café style service leading, to support the church and our new pioneer minister Pastor Jacky Bone.

Tony and Jackie Morlay 

My husband Tony and I were having a difficult time, I was divorced with two children when we met and married. We had lots of issues, money and health.

In 1989 two ladies I met while at work took us to church, where we came to know the Lord, within a few weeks we were both baptised, water baptism, full immersion. Our lives began to change, so did we. We had great teaching and worship and grew in the Lord.

After about 8 years, we felt led to a Baptist church, closer to our home. Again great teaching Worship, ministry and leadership.

We had tough times, Tony’s mum died at the same time my mother was diagnosed with dementia, Then Tony’s business went bust. What would we have done without our trust in the Lord, and the support of our church family.

We had tough times and blessed times.

Years later our 12 year old grand daughter became very ill, and we travelled three days a week   To help care for her. Finally we sold our house and moved to be able to help more.

We prayed for a church and during this time, felt the Lord gave us Revelation 3v7, which says; "What he opens, no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.  See I know your deeds.  I have placed before you an open door, that no one can shut".

We went to Witney Christian book shop, and asked for the nearest Baptist church, and were told they meet at Open Doors. We met a warm welcome and later became members.   Now 3 years later, we have a new Pioneer minister Jacky Bone, we are Witney New Life church, looking forward to all God has instore for us and the community.Jacky and Tony

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